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Removal of cheque payment method:

  • Clearing house clients cannot add a new client fund with a cheque payment method.
  • Existing client funds may continue to be paid via cheque until 30 June 2015 but we recommend that you change to electronic payments sooner if possible.
  • For more details, log in to QuickSuper and view the ‘Removal of cheque payment method’ document under the Downloads section.

Cbus QuickSuper

Customer Support - for existing QuickSuper customers

New BSB Payment Details

  • Please be aware that when making payments to the Cbus Clearinghouse you will be provided with our new banking details. If you make payments via EFT you will be provided with a new BSB number when you make the payment. Your Account and Reference details should not have changed.
  • You can continue to make payments to the existing bank details, however, this account will close in the future.
  • If you have any questions about the new banking details please call our Service Centre on 1300 361 784.